Séminaires 2021-2022

Date Orateur/oratrice Titre de l’exposé Horaire
4 octobre 2021 Lucy Gao Selective inference on trees 15h00-16h00
29 octobre 2021 Tiffany Timbers Opinionated practices for teaching reproducibility: motivation, guided instruction and practice 15h30-16h30
5 novembre 2021 Justin Johnson Kakeu Size Distribution of Firms and Strategic Investments in Large Markets: A Stochastic Mean Field Game Approach 14h00-15h00
25 février 2022 Marco Avella Medina Differentially private inference via noisy optimization 15h00 - 16h00
23 mars 2022 Nataniel Stevens Comparative Probability Metrics: Using Posterior Probabilities to Account for Practical Equivalence in A/B tests 15h00 - 16h00
28 avril 2022 Margarida Carvalho Toward social welfare and fairness in kidney exchange programs 11h00 - 12h00
10 mai 2022 Tias Guns Learning and reasoning with constraint solving 11h00 - 12h00
10 mai 2022 Emanuele Guidotti Efficient Estimation of Bid-Ask Spreads from Open, High, Low, and Close Prices 12h00 - 13h00
10 juin 2022 Leopoldo Catania The Leverage Effect and Propagation 11h00 - 12h00

Séminaires 2020-2021

Date Orateur/oratrice Titre de l’exposé Horaire
11 septembre 2020 Stefan Wager Machine Learning for Causal Inference 16h-17h
9 octobre 2020 Ningyuan Chen The Use of Binary Choice Forests to Model and Estimate Discrete Choices 15h-16h
16 octobre 2020 Ozlem Ergun Optimizing Post-Disruption Response Operations to Improve Resilience of Critical Infrastructure Systems 15h-16h
23 octobre 2020 Madhu Kalimipalli Banking networks, systemic risk, and the credit cycle in emerging markets 15h-16h
5 novembre 2020 Joseph DeCarolis Developing an Open Energy Outlook for the United States Using Tools for Energy Model Optimization and Analysis (Temoa) 15h-16h
27 novembre 2020 Ilze Kalnina High-Frequency Factor Models and Regressions 15h-16h
4 décembre 2020 Bruno Feunou Risk-neutral moments based estimation of continuous time jump-diffusion models 15h-16h
22 janvier 2021 Emanuele Guidotti Asymptotic Expansion Formulas for Diffusion Processes Based on the Perturbation Method 11h00-12h00
19 février 2021 Emily C. Hector Joint integrative analysis of multiple data sources with correlated vector outcomes 15h30-16h30
17 mars 2021 Stephen P. Boyd Convex Optimization 15h00-16h00
7 avril 2021 Régis Chevanaz When Does Eco-Efficiency Rebound or Backfire? An Analytical Model 9h00-10h00
6 mai 2021 Sanjiv R. Das, Daniel N. Ostrov Dynamic Optimization for Multi-Goals-Based Wealth Management 13h30-14h30
18 mai 2021 Bethany White, Jastaranpreet Singh Rethinking Introductory Statistics for Life Sciences Programs 13h30-14h30

Séminaires 2019-2020

Date Orateur/oratrice Titre de la présentation Horaire
10 septembre 2019 Maximilian Schiffer Optimal picking policies for e-commerce warehouses 10h30-12h00
11 octobre 2019 Kris Boudt Optimizing the design of textual indices: Impression management and Sentometrics 10h00-11h00
16 octobre 2019 Keven Bluteau Media and the stock market: Their relationship and abnormal dynamics around earnings announcements 10h30-11h30
29 novembre 2019 Ahmed Abdulla Life at the (grid) edge: Evaluating energy decentralization strategies in California 14h00-15h00
9 janvier 2020 Mu Zhu Some statistical applications of generative neural networks 15h30-16h30
31 janvier 2020 Ana-Maria Staicu Longitudinal functional regression: tests of significance 16h00-17h00
5 mars 2020 Linda Mhalla Tail risk and style dependence in the fund industry: A multivariate extreme value approach 15h30-16h30